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A Story of Abrahamic Sacrifice

The Festival of Sacrifice (Eid al-Adha) is one of the two most important
celebrations in the Islamic tradition. About two months
following the end of Ramadan fasting and festivity (Eid al-Fitr),
Muslims around the world join in prayer and feasting again for Eid
al-Adha. Those who can afford distribute meat of sacrificial animals
to the poor and neighbors during this eid which also marks one of
the biggest annual assemblies of the world: the Hajj – the pilgrimage.
Millions of Muslims flock in Mecca to observe the rites of the
Hajj, pray at the holiest sanctuary of Islam, the Ka’ba, and honor
Prophet Abraham, who, Muslims believe, built it. They remember
Hagar and Ishmael as they walk about and drink from the well.
Prophet Abraham’s story, which is almost identical in many ways
in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, is full of lessons for the faithful
across traditions. Abraham symbolizes matchless submission and
trust in God, spirit of sacrifice, and generous hospitality. His is the
path to get closer to the Truth; this is what Abrahamic sacrifice
(qurban) stands for.
You are most welcome to share your feelings with us from your own
perspective and be a part of this feast!





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Table of Contents

Test of the Most Merciful

By Albert Frolov


Sacrifice: A Means of Becoming Closer to God

By M. Fethullah Gülen


Abraham and His Relationship With God

By Rabbi Heidi Hoover


Abraham and His Loving Hospitality

By Paul Jacobson



By Serdar Kilic


One God and Father of Us All

By The Rev. Anne McRae Wrede


Isaac and Ishmael: Beloved of Abraham and of God

By Rabbi Yakov Nagen


The Sacrifice of Obedience: A Personal Meditation

By Daniel Skubik


To Believe and “Sacrifice”: A Scientific Reason

By Sumeyra Tosun


Sacrifice for Life: The Story of One Ukrainian Lullaby

By Mariya Tytarenko


Abraham: A Story of True Submission

By Hakan Yesilova