The Religion Is Easy: Inspiration for Those New to Islam


AUTHOR     :Adam Brown

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Islam continues to be a source of curiosity in a world where many other faith traditions are losing followers. Intended as inspiration for minds curious about Islam, The Religion Is Easy offers a rich content addressing many core issues, like the pillars of Islamic practice and scientific discoveries that relate to the Quran. Other intriguing concepts discussed in the book include “authorship” of the Scripture, why people convert, etc. Aiming to emphasize the fact that Islam is not a difficult, exotic, austere religion, but one that is easy to understand and easy to follow, The Religion Is Easy provides a modern angle that will appeal to non-Muslims with data on tangible features that argues that the world is created, not random. While combatting the misunderstanding and mistranslation of Islamic concepts such as jihad and fatwa often found in western media, the book also describes some heroes of Islam, from the Prophet’s time (e.g. Bilal) to the present day (e.g. Sadio Mané).

“Offering refreshing illustrations, occasionally with a light-hearted touch, by making references to 20th-century celebrities such as the Beatles, Diego Maradona, as well as contemporary figures such as King Charles III of the UK, The Religion Is Easy provides an introductory guide to Islam.” 

—Ridzuan Wu 

Deputy President, Regional Islamic Da’wah Council for Southeast Asia and the Pacific (RISEAP)  


“Featuring a scholarly mind, a communal eye and an engaged heart, The Religion Is Easy collates subject matter ranging from the core beliefs and practices of the Islamic faith, to science, extremism, and colourful characters from both the historical and contemporary Muslim world.” 

—Abdur Razzaq Khan 

Chairperson, Royal Commission Submission and Community Advocacy, Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ) 


“Adam Brown is able to perfectly synthesize the rich and complex history and scholarship of Islam and package it into a digestible form for any new or curious Muslims. This is a fine book for becoming more acquainted with the religion of Islam and answering some of the most common questions both born Muslim and converts have.”

—Brandon Richey

Author of Islam from Scratch: A Guide for New Muslims

Adam Brown

Holding a PhD in English language from the University of Edinburgh, Adam Brown has taught in the UK, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and New Zealand. Now based in Auckland, NZ, and an active member of Mount Albert Islamic Trust, he is the author of many books and articles on different aspects of the English language.  



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