LALA Comics: The Hilarious Encounters of a Muslimah Learning Her Deen

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AUTHOR     :Umm Sulayman

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As we all do, Lala goes through life with her family learning and trying her best to get closer to Allah. What is different about her is that she gets into some quite peculiar, but hilarious situations! She uses these to grow and learn more about how she should have acted according to the advice of the Prophet (ASWS).

LALA is a comic book with a compilation of over stories, each of which teaches and reminds the reader of simple Islamic teachings (alongside a good cheeky laugh). Join Lala and read along to find out what could possibly happen when someone misunderstands a hadeeth or Quranic verse!

Umm Sulayman

Umm Sulayman is a British-Algerian Illustrator and cartoonist who grew up between the UK and the Arabian Gulf. She attended The University of Nottingham where she graduated with a MSc degree in Engineering. Her passion for both Islam and art drove her to create and share Islamic comics to educate people about Islam in a very fun and hilarious way. More of her work can be found on Instagram: @LalaArtwork, and website:




Publication date

Jun. 7, 2021




“Thinking back to my own teenage self, I would undoubtedly have found it affirming to read this book and see my aspirations and sentiments portrayed in such a sincere and colourful way.”
Amina @booknomadpodcast



“…a teaching tool for some, important reminders for others. … funny Muslim stories with Muslim & Islamic representation.”

Assia @shereadsox



“… wished I had this book when I was a teenager and (was) doubting myself and my faith regularly.”


LALA is an uplifting comic that imparts essential Islamic advice and salient reminders to the Muslim reader. The comic is split into three main parts and centres on Lala, a young Muslim woman who, in her navigation and exploration of the world around her, strives to incorporate sound Islamic principles into her everyday antics. Though the outcome of her efforts can sometimes be hit or miss, the morals and lessons of each story are clear, delivered in a way that is both jovial and informative.

The comic also cleverly debunks common misconceptions and misunderstandings of Islam both internally and externally, with points backed up by relevant Qur’anic quotes and Ahadith. The key themes of kindness, generosity and firmness in faith are suffused throughout the book and strengthen the readers conviction in the Islamic worldview, one where everybody is respected and treated fairly.

In all, LALA is a funny, educational read for all ages, delightfully delivering key Islamic principles, morals and duas through the engaging medium of illustration.

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A very humorous collection of short situational comics that educate and enlighten readers about some basic principles of Islam without becoming overbearing and teaching with witty examples rather than just textbook preaching, the essence of the Prophetic Hadith, all the while normalizing regular Muslim representation through colorful illustrations.

This graphic novel is divided broadly into three sections that each deal with Hadith regarding the Muslim identity, Hadith relating to regular activities and the Hadith instructing Muslims with regards prayers/duas -essential to our daily life.

Hadith are the indispensable teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that supplement our understanding and help us better practice Islam, and as such certain misinterpretations of Hadith can have quite the opposite effect as Lala, the lovable protagonist of this comics illustrates with the hilarious outcomes through her misunderstandings.

I loved all of the comics and in particular the ones about Eid, Jealousy, Mocking, Assuming and the Evil eye among others.

I really enjoyed reading it and laughed out loud so many times that my family curiously, came over and joined me in reading this collection.
My only qualm with the book is that it should have been longer.

A very lighthearted read that I highly recommend for both kids and adults alike!

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I had the pleasure to read this Islamic comic book recently, a lovely courtesy from its writer and illustrator @lalaartwork. I’ve been following and loving her work for some time now, and I was pleased to know she is now publishing her own comic book.

Lala the main character, an ordinary Mulimah, goes through life surrounded by her family members and most often than not finds herself ( gets herself ) in some tricky situations. butis luckily helped by her husband and his aalim hat who informs, guides, and at times corrects her misconceptions. I would like to say the poor guy’s efforts pay off but the hilarious twists the stories end with leave one uncertain of that.

As born into faith Muslims living in an Islamic country, we had the privilege of growing up receiving advice and frequent reminders about the correct Islamic behaviors from family members and school teachers, which is not the case for reverts and Muslim young adults living in the west . and this is where a book like this one would come in handy, it’s a compilation of funny stories with pleasing and pretty illustrations ( some hilarious ones, ayee crying face is my favorite), where the reader learns one particular Islamic teaching from the prophet’s pbuh sunnah and the Qur’an from each story . it’s helpfully divided into three main sections : Muslim Identity/Mindset , Habits / Lifestyle and finally Adhkaar & Prayer.

This is first and foremost a comic book, so it certainly doesn’t go into any exhaustive detail or complicated explanations .; it’s a fun light read with beneficial, gentle reminders and a good laugh as a bonus, a perfect gift for the young Muslimah in your lives.

By: NourelHouda
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By the way, we got another good endorsement for Searching for God:

In Searching for God, Finding Love, Dr. Teresa Lesher takes the reader on a fascinating journey inside her life as an American convert to Islam who has lived in Kuwait for more than 40 years. She shares profound, thought-provoking lessons she’s learned about life, love, Islam, culture, and God, amongst many other things. Written by a beautiful soul who has much wisdom to share and has generously done so in this unique memoir. This is a wonderful, must-read for anyone interested in the lived experience of Islam in the life of a practicing Muslim, navigating life within a cross-cultural context, making meaning out of life, cultivating inner peace and well-being, and developing a relationship with God.

Carrie M. York, PhD
Founder and President – The Alkaram Institute