Nadia Hears the Shahadah

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AUTHOR     :Kim Nisha Baten

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Nadia is a toddler and says things as purely and honestly as she sees them. Through the innocent eyes of Nadia, in this book, you will learn about Islam and the Shahadah.

As Nadia grows, we will continue to follow her through her discoveries of the remaining pillars of Islam, including Salaat, Zakat, Hajj, and Ramadan.

Kim Nisha Baten

Kim Nisha Baten was born in Canada and has lived in Maryland most of her life. She was raised under another religion, and then found the tranquility and beauty of Islam after marrying into the religion. She is a mother of four, an active volunteer in her children’s schools, and a pediatrician. Her wish is to help others better understand the religion of Islam from a simple perspective. With this book, it is her dream to educate and inspire the young and old, those who have newly found Islam, and those who wish to learn about Islam.

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