Taking Control: A Muslim Woman’s Guide to Surviving Infertility

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AUTHOR     :Farah Dualeh

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Trying to conceive and struggling with it can be confusing and lonely but you’re not alone, and this book is to remind you of that and so much more.


In this book, you will be encouraged to take control of your infertility experience:


  • within yourself
  • within your marriage
  • in relation to social pressures
  • on treatment options
  • and on what your family can look like (even when different from the ‘norm’)


Delve into it with an open mind, an open heart and a willingness to start taking control of your infertility journey today.


“… truly touched my heart to the core”

—Dr Amal Alahmad – Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Infertility Consultant



“Wow! What a read. I cried, I nodded, I smiled”

—Dr Abia Afsar-Siddiqui



“… encourages the reader to find the joy in life”

—Adwaa Khudhari, MD – Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Farah Dualeh

Farah Dualeh has worked in the charity sector for over 12 years and has a BA in Social Science and a postgraduate qualification in Community Leadership and Law. Farah is the founder of Inspire Her Coaching, a life coaching and training service for women. Having experienced infertility herself and trying to conceive for more than a decade, she’s extremely passionate about helping Muslim women navigate infertility and live happy, fulfilling lives despite the hardship of TTC.  




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“This book is beautiful and truly touched my heart to the core. What a brilliant book, so honest, raw, and needed. Taking Control is excellent, and many Muslims could learn a lot from it on the topic of living with infertility.”

—Dr Amal Alahmad Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility Consultant

“Wow! What a read. I cried, I nodded, I smiled. I went through the spectrum of emotions and it touched me to the core. I love the author’s raw and frank style. I love her positivity. I love the emotional support offered as well as the practical considerations. She’s not shy to discuss all the options, which is fantastic.”

—Dr Abia Afsar-Siddiqui

“I loved this book so much. Farah is brave to write this book and share her story. There are no books like this on the market and it is sorely needed. The author encourages the reader to find the joy in life despite the hardship of struggling to have a child, as well as practical information on treatments such as IVF and dealing with social pressures. I hope this book is translated into Arabic soon so I can share it with many patients who I work with and who mostly speak Arabic. This book will enlighten the difficulty of TTC as a Muslim woman for many women.”

—Adwaa Khudhari, MDConsultant Obstetrics & GynecologyReproductive Endocrinology & Infertility

“Farah Dualeh, who has tried to conceive for many years, provides guidance for Muslimas who are facing the same issue. She shares her personal experience, along with psychological tools, on how to cope with this traumatic ordeal and offers extensive content from the Islamic perspective, including rulings on certain issues, as well as prayers.”

Islamic Horizon Magazine
July/August 2022