On the Path of the Prophet: Fethullah Gulen’s Understanding of Sunnah


AUTHOR     :Mustafa Erdil

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Fethullah Gülen, a contemporary scholar of Islam and activist with a large worldwide following, has spent his entire life studying and teaching the Sunnah, the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. This book explores his holistic approach to the vast knowledge of hadith and how he puts his focus on practical interpretations of the Sunnah. Dr. Erdil shows, through the example of Gulen, that it is possible to provide solutions to the problems at the individual, familial and social levels today if the way of the Prophet is studied in detail and interpreted within the context of the current era.

Mustafa Erdil

Dr. Mustafa Erdil is a theologian specializing in the science of hadith studies. Dr. Erdil has been involved in educational initiatives since 1991. He is also the co-author and editor of set of eleven textbooks, Religion and Values, used in private schools in Australia.







6 x 9 inches

Publication date

Apr. 7, 2021