Sheba, The Good Muslim Cat

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AUTHOR     :Carima Elfarrah

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Sheba, the Good Muslim Cat is a picture book in rhyme about a Muslim family with a pious cat! Sheba the cat participates in and seems to enjoy the various religious practices the family engages in throughout the day. The story invites young readers to consider the tremendous blessing and benefit a family pet can provide them in this life and the next. The story is made even more real and magnificent after reading the true account of a scholar whose pet cat once spoke to him! This story intertwines the material with the spiritual in such a way to awaken the imaginations of even the smallest readers who might have always felt a special connection with their family pet.

Carima Elfarrah

Carima Elfarrah lives in Melilla, Spain with her husband, five children, and their good Muslim cat, Sheba. She is the founder and director of an Islamic nonprofit association: Songs of Paradise. In addition to directing a choir of young girls, she develops and teaches educational and artistic programs for Muslim children of all ages.

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