Little Batuls Eid Celebration: The Most Pleasant Festival of Sacrifice

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AUTHOR     :Munise Ulker

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That year Eid ul-Adha, Christmas and Hanukkah were around the same time.

Little Batul’s parents were worried about their children learning their own values and having a good Eid celebration in the US. So, neighborhood mothers decided to get together to plan a nice Eid ul-Adha celebration for their children and the kids of the needy families in the neighborhood. They also decide to ask kids living at an orphanage to come to the Eid celebrations. Kids bought or made presents to give to their friends at school and children in need in the community. On the day of the Eid, everybody put on their new clothes, performed the Eid Prayer, and celebrated each other’s Eid. With the presents and some dish, meat stew, rice and desert , the families went to a local rental hall for the Eid celebration. Moms and dads gave presents to all of the children. With the arrival of the clown and the piniata at one corner for the little ones, the children had so much fun and celebrated the Eid with their parents, classmates, and the new friends from the orphanage.

Munise Ulker

Munise Ulker is an educator, academic, and mother of three kids. She lived in the US for several years and worked in a kindergarten as a volunteer teacher. She now teaches at a private college in Turkey.

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