The Message of Abraham

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His life, virtues and mission

Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him, plays a key role in interfaith dialogue activities, for he is considered the patriarch of all divinely revealed religions. The Message of Abraham explores his example through many of his outstanding virtues, his investigation of faith, his willingness to worship the Divine alone, his regard for nature, his hospitality, compassion, and devotion to God, the One and Only. Although the book presents the Islamic standpoint with respect to the teachings and message of Prophet Abraham, there are also many references to the Biblical sources about his life.Learning about Abraham and his mission is significant in a globalized world where distances have shrinked and everyone has almost become neighbor to one another.

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Ibrahim Canan

Ibrahim Canan (1940-2009) was a professor of Hadith at Marmara University, Istanbul. He was the translator of more than 7,000 hadith, which has been compiled to publish the 18-volume Al-Kutub as-Sitta.

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