Teacher in a Foreign Land: M. Fethullah Gulen

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Author      :Murat Alptekin

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Gulen’s unique character deserves a special study.

Fethullah Gulen is an enlightened person who knows well many issues related to literature, art, philosophy and science, he is a man of action who has not wasted his life, but struggled to serve humanity. He is tolerant of mankind and sensitive enough to cry when he sees an ant drown. He is a great person altruistic enough to say, “Regardless of where the fire falls, it burns my heart” instead of saying, “Fire burns where it falls.” Since his childhood Fethullah Gulen has shown himself to be a unique person with his knowledge, morality and ideals. His life is full of service to others which he recommended and made in spite of the difficulties he endured for his people and all of humanity.

Murat Alptekin

Murat Alptekin (MA in Literature) is a researcher, based in Istanbul.




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