The Dream Bird

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Author      :Lale Suphandagi

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The Dream Bird is a collection of three time travel stories where three kids visit the times of three Prophets, Muhammad, Jesus, and Moses, peace be upon them.

The Dream Bird flies Shakir, Marwa and Umar to Mecca, Jerusalem, and Egypt respectively and has them witness the most important events in the lives of these Prophets. This book is a different take on teaching about these role models for humanity.

Ages 5–6

Lale Suphandagi

Lale Suphandagi was born in Erzurum in 1973. In 2005 she became an administrator for a kindergarten where she is still currently working. In 2008 she graduated from Anadolu University from the department of Preschool Education. She has authored about six books in various languages. She is currently living in Istanbul. She is married and has three kids.




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54 pages

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