The Supreme Ruler

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AUTHOR     :Erol Ergun

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This book is part of the Beautiful Names of God series with stories of animals striving to see and appreciate the reflections of Divine Names in the nature.

Feathers loved to fly, exploring the magnificent work of art exhibited before his eyes from high in the sky. The flowers of all colors, the green grass spread over the hills and meadows, the bright blue sky, and the shimmering lake at a distance… As he was gazing at this vast and breathtaking scenery, he was immersed in thought. “Everything on the Earth seems to be competing to show God’s excellent art,” he thought. Then he stylishly glided downwards to attend one of the regular meetings at the lakeside. He found Freckled Frog, Fred the sparrow, Flossy the porcupine, Ginger the squirrel, and Luna the butterfly—everybody from around the neighboring areas was there glorifying God and contemplating the beauty and wonders of His creation. Let’s join their meetings and see how all of nature is busy striving to reflect the Beautiful Names of God.

Erol Ergun

Erol Ergun is a staff writer at Kaynak Publishing Group and the author of various children's books published in his native Turkish.





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