The Rays

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AUTHOR     :Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

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An Intellectual journey in Islamic Belief thought, and life

The Rays is one of the key volumes of the Risale-i Nur Collection. In this volume, Bediuzzaman offers his insight on matters of belief with convincing arguments he puts forward in essays like The Supreme Sign. For Bediuzzaman, affirmation of faith is much easier than denial, for a single indication is enough for the former whereas an exhaustive investigation of the entire cosmos and throughout all times is necessary for the latter. He affirms that matters concerning what is sacred and spiritual require certainty and advancement in spiritual work; so denial based on evidence from the material sphere and restricted only to what our eyes can see is unworthy of consideration. Belief is knowledge and a manifestation of being, and convictions underlying unbelief are ignorance and absence of judgment.

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi was born in 1877 in eastern Turkey and died in 1960 in Urfa in Turkey. Readers may refer to his biography for details of his long and exemplary life, which spanned the last decades of the Ottoman Empire. Bediuzzaman displayed an extraordinary intelligence and ability to learn from an early age, completing the normal course of madrasa (religious school) education at the early age of fourteen, when he obtained his diploma. He became famous for both his prodigious memory and his unbeaten record in debating with other religious scholars. Another characteristic Bediuzzaman displayed from an early age was an instinctive dissatisfaction with the existing education system, which when older he formulated into comprehensive proposals for its reform. Contrary to the practice of religious scholars at that time, Bediuzzaman himself studied and mastered almost all the physical and mathematical sciences.


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